Vietnamese Mixed Meat Rolls


Porky meats, pate, coriander, carrot shreds, cucumber, fresh chilli and nuoc cham  fill  delicious crusty, crackly crust, French-style rolls from the Vietnamese sandwich shop.

They cost $3-$4 each and are worth every cent – just delicious.

Depending on where you go, you might have the choice of chicken instead of pork, or different combinations of meats. The added veggies, herbs and nuoc cham sauce are standard.

Myf went and fetched these ones. I was busy working on my essay on the weekend and it was just the ticket for lunch. They had been “generous” with the chilli, so I’m glad she brought me a bottle of soy milk to have with it 🙂

They are called Banh Mi in Vietnamese, and the wonderful bread rolls they use are a legacy of French influence in Vietnam. I expect that influence extends to the pate too. You can read more about Banh Mi HERE

Oh, we just love them! Try one if you get the chance 🙂


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