Hint For A Fragrant Linen Closet


My lovely mum came over on the weekend to help me organise my linen closet.

 She know’s how it’s been a bit hard for me to keep up with all the things I want to do at home lately. Work and uni take up a lot of time 🙂

I love linen. My bed is a very special place. I always love a lie-in, although nowadays my bad back means I’m usually a bit achy by 9am at the latest and have to get up.

Anyway, mum brought 4 packs of concentrated fabric softener with her. The packs went onto the shelves, next to the linen when we were done. Not on the linen – just on the shelf. We used about 4 of the “tuff-packs” of fabric softener concentrate.

The scent is beautiful. Just like clean washing!

BTW friends – this was a long overdue cleanout: we took 5 garbage bags full of linen to the Salvation Army shop. All perfectly good, but things that I was forced to admit I just don’t use anymore… not my colour, liked it once;don’t anymore, linen for single beds we don’t have, jacquard quilt covers I discovered I hated the feel of 😉  That sort of thing.


2 thoughts on “Hint For A Fragrant Linen Closet

  1. That is a really good idea! Because of our allergies and skin conditions (2 of my girls have severely dry skin and ecsema) I have to use unscented detergents and fabric softeners. Our clothes never smell “pretty”. I never thought of leaving it in the package. I hope you feel better soon Rosie! Happy spring 🙂

  2. hi allergymom 🙂 wasn’t my mum’s idea a brilliant one?! My 17-year-old has had eczema all her life and has had to be so careful with “products”. You’re so right – this is a lovely ‘safe’ way to introduce fragrance.

    I love the way it wafts the scent into the room when you open the cupboard door 🙂

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