J’aime Jamie’s Potato & Salmon Salad…

Not a huge Jamie Oliver fan but this meal caught my attention and I knew I wanted to make it – soon.

Well, I saw it on TV last night, and made it for dinner tonight 🙂 Happy days!

You’ve got a bed of baby spinach and other salad, whatever you fancy really.

On the top goes an oil and vinegar dressed pile of baby potatoes, boiled in their skins. I added half a bunch of fresh dill, some finely chopped red onion and salt & pepper ( Jamie added capers) It is important to dress the spuds while they are still warm. They will take-up more of the dressing if you do.

Jamie used smoked salmon. I used fresh salmon cutlets, poached and then de-boned and flaked. The fish went on top of the potatoes.

I used horseradish from a jar mixed with sour cream, salt and pepper for my final dressing. The James-meister used fresh horseradish and creme fraiche .

Next time I think I might use smoked salmon. Those cutlets have so many bones. I was petrified of leaving one in and having someone choke on it. Specifically me…

The salad was lovely to eat. A  beautiful marriage of flavours. Dill, potato, salmon, all perfect together, and I loved the perky horseradish cream with it.

 Absolutely loverly jubberly 🙂



4 thoughts on “J’aime Jamie’s Potato & Salmon Salad…

  1. I’m so glad that his show is back on TV – not so much for him, but for the gratuitous vegetable-porn shots of his garden. We’re currently looking at buying a house with a good chunk of backyard. There’s nothing on it but I have ambitions of garden beds full of delicious things. And, possibly, one of those groovy wood-fired ovens. I love me some baked fish – I think wood-fired might make it even better.

    Speaking of which, I usually buy a whole salmon and fillet it myself. It’s pretty easy and you can sometimes get fresh salmon for less than the price of a good steak (providing you’re willing to take a whole fish – mebbe 5 kilo’s at a go). I use a pair of needle-nose pliers to pin-bone the fillets prior to portioning them and cooking. One fillet usually gets skinned and turned into sashimi portions for later. Or I cut a chunk off the “shoulder” (gills to mid-spine)and bake it whole. I think that’s the easiest way to get meat from bone – if the fish is *just* cooked, the skeleton is still very strong and the bones stay put while the flesh is pulled away. For $50 and some freezer space you’ll get at least 6 meals for two and a very happy cat. 🙂

    My other salmon hint is to look in the restaurant-supply section of the fish-market. You can pick up a kilo block of smoked salmon “remnants” for $20. It’s the same smoked salmon that retails for $35/kg and upwards, but it’s the tail-ends and slightly discoloured or torn bits that don’t make grade A. Perfect if you’re going to cook with in or stir it through something and you’re not worried about presentation. A sharp serrated knife will divide the block nicely into smaller portions (it’s pretty jumbled anyway) which I stash in the freezer for later.

    Can you tell I’m a salmon junkie??? 🙂

  2. Wonderful information for me! I dither about all over the place with fish – I think it scares me… that, plus the memory of my husband’s face when I served up that whole leather jacket, or whatever it was, and it had all those bones that looked like human molar teeth in it…

    Thank you for the smoked salmon tips. I have used the scrap ends of Tasmanian salmon, and I agree with you – excellent value for most meals. I really admire your dedication to the whole fish. I will buy one and apply your tips. Maybe it will be my fishy watershed 🙂

    I have a friend who has installed a wood oven and they absolutely love it. She is going to do Jamie’s chicken & vegetables in it this weekend. Apparently they have been making wonderful pizzas and bread with it. Maybe monty will build me one…

    I have a garden nina0: not much nowadays, what with the water restrictions. I have a treasured Asian lime tree, silverbeet, chillies, herbs, beans, and of course the chickens. I wish you much happiness when you get yours. I love my garden, it gives me a lot of joy. I am a big fan of water features too 🙂 I have a huge fish pond and assorted fountains 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend. I’ll let you know how my fish journey progresses.

  3. Loved that recipe. I adapt mine by using asparagus and chives and also some lime wedges to squeeze on when it is served. A lovely dish to have with crusty bread.

  4. hi mummyogg 🙂 yours sounds lovely, I might try adding a few blanched veg to mine when I make it again – maybe snowpeas and asparagus. The chives along with the dill would be nice too.

    Have a lovely week!

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