Turmeric: Beautiful, Delicious & Good For You

You’ve heard me praise fresh turmeric (kunyit) before – I love it!

Many people are familiar with dried turmeric. It gives bought curry powder it’s yellow colour. Not so many people outside of Asia routinely use the fresh in their cooking, but believe me, try it and you’ll be a convert!

I can’t always find it, maybe it’s a seasonal thing, but when I see the little bags of the lovely rhizomes in the fresh produce section of my Asian supermarket I am as happy as happy can be 🙂

This is what it looks like:


Comparing fresh turmeric to dried is like comparing chalk to cheese. The dried has an almost dusty scent and flavour, the colour tending to yellow. The fresh has a vibrant orange flesh ( that stains everything it touches) and the smell is pleasantly, well, almost medicinal. A little like galangal.

I would almost go as far as to say that comparing fresh and dried turmeric is like comparing fresh and dried ginger – they seem like two entirely different spices.

Turmeric has very well substantiated health benefits. You can read about some of them HERE.

I don’t bother peeling mine to use it. I just grate what I need with the Microplane.


If you get the chance please do try it.


3 thoughts on “Turmeric: Beautiful, Delicious & Good For You

  1. Which is better, fresh grated or dried powder turmeric as related to health benefit. I am now taking it fresh grated together with ginger and garlic. Its now my superfood.

  2. Hi Ashraf, thank you for your comment.

    I am not an expert by any means but I would say that the fresh turmeric is the better option. All the volatile compounds are there and you can tell by the colour and smell it is much more potent than dried.
    I think it can be very hard to tell sometime how fresh the dried herbs and spices are – fresh is best 🙂
    Your superfood should do an excellent job of boosting your immune system and controlling your cholesterol, as well as helping to protect you against Alztheimers and some cancers. Nature truly is wonderful 🙂
    All the best – sweetrosie

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