I’m Tagged!

I adore tags and memes 🙂 But then I love junk mail and surveys too…

The gorgeous happygrub is the tagger this time and my goal is to tell you 5 things about me that you (probably) don’t know.

  1. I am originally from England and have lived in Australia since 1968. We come from a place called South Shields in the North East of England. If you ever saw “When The Boat Comes In” or “Auf Weidersehen Pet“, or Billy Elliot, they are all set in the North East. I still have family there, including a much adored younger sister. We lived for a time in London, where my sister was born, and just before we emigrated, we lived in a beautiful little picture-perfect village in Kent. I can still bring to mind the smell of the hops grown there 🙂
  2. When I was growing up I thought I wanted to be a doctor or a nurse. I was very active in St Johns and was state champion in first aid at one stage! After giving birth to my daughter all that medical bravery disappeared and now, if someone fainted next to me – I’d faint too. People talk about their queasy tummy? Within seconds I feel squirmy right along with them. I worry about stiff necks and meningococcal , rashes and lupus, dizziness and brain tumours.
  3. I like “edgy” music: Nick Cave, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Muse, Morrissey Radiohead, Prodigy… Talking about music, every night, and I mean every night, we put on 2 Tangerine Dream Cd’s to go to sleep by. The same 2 discs ( Phaedra & Rubicon), every single night. I can’t go to sleep properly if they’re not playing.
  4. I don’t drink. Gave it up about 18 years ago. It just didn’t suit me. I always just felt very ill. Consequently I am usually the one feeling conspicuous and out-of-the-loop at most social occasions.
  5. I am an introvert. I spend a lot of time in my own head 🙂 Books give me a lot of pleasure. I become bored quite easily when there is a need for prolonged superficial “chat” ( being sober doesn’t help there I can tell you) I tend to wander off, either in my head, or I literally sidle away grinning and nodding as I go.

Goodness. I must be in a mood tonight. That’s quite a revealing tag response 😉 I’ve painted myself as some kind of punk rock loving,  puritan, misery-guts who has a bedtime obsessive/compulsive thing happening involving way old German electronic music…


I am going to tag some of my favourite blog buddies:

Voodoo Kitchen

Happy Home Maker

Cathie Cooks Food

I know you know there’s no sense of obligation 😉


6 thoughts on “I’m Tagged!

  1. Its so nice to share a bit of you with everyone.

    Wow, your first aid background is amazing, it must really come in useful. Anyway any time you need a free consultation u can drop me a mail and I will give u my humble opinion with my limited 2 year doctoring experience 🙂

  2. Rosie, I adore you! 🙂 I could listen to you talk all day. Anytime you want to chat (or just ramble on which is my specialty) lemme know, I’m always looking for a good escape myself.

  3. You might be interested in some of my sites relating to good old South Shields. I also operate a Message Board which seems to be very popular with Australians!

  4. thank you happygrub 🙂 I might take you up on the consult – that’s a very generous offer 🙂 My St John’s days were back in the 1970’s and we had a very groovy white dress uniform with a cape and a beret… I thought I looked fabulous 🙂

    allergymon you’re a sweetheart. I was a bit worried, maybe I’d said too much 🙂 I’ll be over for a chat soon!

    curly – interesting site 🙂 My nephew was active in Boys Brigade- thanks for the photo. It’s nice to see a site dedicated to Shields. A piece of my heart stays there 🙂

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