Poor Me: part 2

 “Poor Me”? well, not so much the uni work but the heat we’ve had here in Adelaide for the last couple of weeks.

Unbelievable. We’ve broken some kind of national record for heatwaves. Day after day after day of 39C, 38C, 40C… it hasn’t rained here for weeks either. Someone should create a new biscotti flavour and call it “Adelaide”. A very well dried out biscuit is exactly what the place looks like at the moment 🙂

    We have water restrictions in place of course. Hand-held hosing allowed one day a week for 3 hours. Someone mentioned on the radio that it was very odd how all the front lawns were dead, but there had  been some miracle rain-falls in peoples back yards…

I don’t do well in this kind of heat. Especially when it’s dry. I have been so tired, so lethargic. No appetite. Feeling grubby. Face the colour of a beetroot.

    Poor me….

 I’ve had a lot of these this week. I know it seems odd; coffee in the hot weather. Those magic beans are lovely for a little perk-up though.


Cupcakes still had to be made too. I spent anxious moments worrying about the buttercream, worrying about the cakes sweating. Everything turned out 100% perfect. I put the evaporative air-cooler in the kitchen, took some deep calming breaths, centered what little remaining chi I had left and just got stuck in. Pink iced vanilla and pink and blue iced chocolate cakies . Just over 100 in total. They look a bit shiny I know- I think it’s just the camera flash 🙂 


They are saying 38C for today. At least it’s Saturday and I can stay in and read . Too hot for more than the tiniest bit of housework I think 🙂 

 I have another post I want to  share with you – a pasta dish I made during the week. very yummy & very easy!

I’ll be back soon 🙂


7 thoughts on “Poor Me: part 2

  1. Wow, it is extremely hot there! Yes, poor you indeed, dear sweetrosie – big {{{HUGS}}} for you! I am already cranky whenever the temperature hits 37 degrees Celcius in KL. 🙄 Luckily, it has been raining almost everyday here for the past 2 weeks, and our day time temperature can be as cool as 27 degrees, which is really unusual at this time of the year.

    It is good to have spicy and sour food to whet the appetite during this type of weather – I made a Thai Tom Yam Koong soup with seafood and rice vermicelli for lunch one hot day and enjoyed it with my children.

    Hope your weather cools down soon!

    Good night from KL!

    With love and hugs,

    choesf 😀

  2. You definitely have my sympathy if you’re suffering from the heat. I never do well in hot weather and the fact that you’re doing so many different things only adds to the problem.

  3. Here’s hoping the hot spell breaks soon, you poor thing. We’ve had some warm days but nothing like you guys. There’s a chance of a storm here this afternoon, so I’ll send some cool, rainy vibes your way.

  4. Weather in Singapore: rain rain rain rain

    coming from a place where its hot almost 365 days a year.. I can sympathize with you!

    Pretty cupcakes! I like ur piping skills

  5. Oh you poor dear. Take care of yourself, and drink plenty of water to cool down. But hey, at the very least, you’ve got some lovely cupcakes to cheer you up! 🙂

  6. Lovely cupcakes, indeed, dear sweetrosie ! You have all my sympathy for doing so much in this heat :). I ‘m complaining about the cold.We only have 7 degrees C here and my sick leg and hand is frozen all the time 😦 .


  7. Hello dear Rose – only 7C, I can’t even imagine it! The cold can make your bones ache and I feel sorry for your poor sick arm and leg.
    Keep warm if you can 🙂

    ninazero,ovenhaven & happygrub – it’s naughty to be envious I know… but I am – I wish it would rain here- for days! 🙂

    Lillian – it’s good to know you don’t like the very hot weather either – misery loves company 🙂

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