Poor Me…

Hello dear friends šŸ™‚ please forgive my lack of posts lately. Can I list what the reasons are? Then you’ll all feel sorry for me and forgive me:)

1) uni started – and I’m loving it. Lots and lots of reading to do though. I’ve completed my first assignment. A relatively short (800 word) essay defining gastronomy v cuisine and the importance of discourse to the growth of modern gastronomy…. yeah, I know. I had to read the question about 90 times and the required reading about 200 times. The copy of the paper I have is just a huge mess of different coloured highlighter pen slashes. I love my highlighter pens. I have a special pack with six different colours. It makes your papers and readings look very beautiful šŸ™‚

There are 3 South Australian students out of 30 doing the course online. We have students from interstate – Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne. Students from the US and Canada. A student from Manila and one from Hong Kong, one in Italy and one who seems to travel a lot and is at the moment in Argentina; so exciting! This course is world renowned and I am so fortunate to be part of it. I still have to pinch myself ….

I took part in an interactive tutorial last Tuesday. Tres special! I had on a headset and microphone (which made me sit up very straight and feel very important for some reason I can’t figure out…) there was a text box for typed messages on screen also, and the lecturer had a virtual whiteboard. We could all participate. Truly, it was an amazing experience. I have that every Tuesday, 2 hours in the evening.

Oh my goodness! it’s 1.45pm and I have a meeting here at work at 2pm. I have to move on so there goes another carefully scripted, considered post! There are so many more reasons you should feel sorry for me too, and now I haven’t got time to tell you.

I’ll be back!

2 thoughts on “Poor Me…

  1. It’s hard for me to work up a lot of sympathy when it sounds as though you are doing such exciting things! Good for you.

  2. Hi SR, i miss your blog but i am so excited for you; that you are doing something that you are passionate about! Keep up the good work.

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