I’m Hot, I’m Tired and I Still Have To Make Dinner?

Give me a break – please :) Somedays after work, the last thing I want to do is make dinner. I don’t even want to think about dinner.

But, I always rise to the occasion. Somedays I just don’t rise very high…

You can have this:

soft boiled egg with toast soldiers and salt & pepper


Or you can have this:

sardines with beetroot and tomato on toast


Those were the choices. The meals were sitting on the bench waiting. This is the combo that I ended up serving:


  • the sardine toast
  • a hard-boiled egg and salad sandwich


  • the soft-boiled egg
  • a poached egg on toast

Maybe it would have been easier to just make a “proper” dinner and be done with it.

I was even hotter and tireder when I finished this short-order session.

BTW: me? I had the sardine toast. Very nice it was too.

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About sweetrosie

Hi! Glad you could stop by. I'm Angela, the face behind sweetrosie. I look forward to sharing my varied and often eclectric gastronomic experiences with you through my blog, here at Wordpress, and on Facebook and Twitter.
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6 Responses to I’m Hot, I’m Tired and I Still Have To Make Dinner?

  1. happygrub says:

    You didn’t try some prata with worms?

  2. sweetrosie says:

    Didn’t even have the energy to go digging for worms that night :)

    It was supposed to be an “easy” dinner – just didn’t turn out that way :( Eggs every-which-way, toast all over the place. Next time? No options.

  3. happyhomemaker88 says:

    Hehe, I know exactly how you feel, my dear sweetrosie – how do they say it, that “you speak my lingo?” :lol:

    On many hot days, I even serve breakfasts for dinners – toasts, omelettes, ham, eggs or bacon, with orange juice! :roll: Luckily, my husband and kids don’t mind this at all. These few days, it has been so hot that I didn’t cook at all but just buy takeouts like Ramly Burgers, Steamed Chinese Buns, Nasi Lemak. :lol:

    Have a wonderful week ahead!

    With love and hugs,

    choesf :D

  4. ovenhaven says:

    Sardine toast for me please! :)

    Psst, I’ve an award waiting for you at my blog…

  5. sweetrosie says:

    An AWARD! Oh my goodness, I don’t believe it!

    Do I have to hunt for it? Is it cunningly hidden in a post? :)

    You, my dear ovenhaven get SIX pieces of sardine toast :)

  6. sweetrosie says:

    dear choesf – I am so glad you have “breakfast for dinner” days too :) I have lunch (sandwiches) for dinner days as well…

    I wish I could buy some nasi lemak for dinner, and some buns, and some nasi campur, and some noodles and some chicken rice – lucky you! Take-away here, at least local, is Mickey D’s ( no-one likes it) KFC, Pizza Hut, and the fish ‘n’ chips shop.

    Have a lovely, lovely week xx big hug

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