Fish and Chips Rule OK!

Let me tell you what was on the menu tonight.

Dinner tonight was canned red salmon and salad on a rye baguette. Very nice it was too. I know we should eat more fish, but really, none of us like it all that much 🙂 Having said that, there are some piscean delights we never mind having:

  • Fish head curry with roti
  • Tuna or sardines on toast
  • Fish ‘n’ chips
  • Red salmon rolls or sandwiches
  • Smoked salmon with cream cheese, lemon juice and chives in a sandwich
  • Asian fish balls in a stir-fry
  • Home-made fish cakes
  • Tuna or prawn sushi
  • Prawns in a stir-fry or Thai style curry


  I remember not so long ago, I served up a whole, pan-fried leatherjacket to monty. It was like something out of a horror movie. The fish had the most awful, bizarre bones that looked like giant human teeth.

Anyone here seen the 1977 movie “Eraserhead“? 

 Well, If that ugly fish had jumped up and started singing and dancing we would have just continued to stare at it. It was a David Lynch  kind-of moment.

 Neither of us could eat that fish * shudder*

Maybe it wasn’t a leatherjacket at all. Fish does get renamed at the point of sale sometimes. Perch, Hake, Flake and Butterfish all seem to get about with many nom de plumes.

 Butterfish is almost a generic term for “big piece of cheapish, white fish with no bones ” 🙂

If Butterfish is on the menu board at the fish and chip shop, everyone knows exactly what they’re going to get.


Don’t tell anyone but I think this is how I prefer my fish. No scary teeth-bones, no errant gaggy scales, just a nice piece of white, vaguely fishy tasting stuff in a cosy batter blanket 🙂

2 thoughts on “Fish and Chips Rule OK!

  1. OMG!! So homesick for proper fish and chips looking at that photo. I’m hoping to get home to Australia in 2009, and I think that’s the first thing I’m going to eat!!!!

  2. Cathie – don’t they really do fish & chips in the US? I thought they did everything!

    Funny how it goes, I’ve always wanted to try American barbeque – the smoked pork one that they shred and make into a sandwich? Not much chance of getting that here in Oz 🙂

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