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The Asian Grandmother’s Cookbook is a project I wish I had thought of myself :0  Not that I have the kind of authority and knowledge to write such a book… unlike this fabulous blogger.

 I can’t wait until the book’s finished. Heritage recipes from South East Asia . Bliss on a stick for me 🙂

I am immensely honoured to have been tagged for a meme by the blog’s author.

Here goes…

What Were You Cooking/Baking 10 Years Ago

  • I was into my bread machine in a big way, I remember that. It hasn’t been used for years now. I should give it away.

What Were You Cooking/Baking 1 Year Ago

  • Pretty much the same as now I think… no, wait, I know something that was different! I didn’t have a freezer for about 3 years. That changed everything for a while. I had to shop more often. It cost more and I used to hate having to go to the shops all the time after work.

Five Snacks You Enjoy

  • Vietnamese cold rolls with dipping sauce
  • Iced coffee
  • Crumpets with honey and a cup of tea
  • Curry Puffs
  • Malaysian Peanut Pancake

Five Recipes You Know By Heart

  • most of the family’s meals
  • the coffee menu – I know my ristrettos from my my lattes 🙂
  • Indian spiced fried potato and cauliflower
  • Thai beef salad
  • curry puffs

Five Culinary Luxuries You Would Indulge In if You Were A Millionaire

  • Francis Francis red model espresso machine
  • Commercial oven and range
  • Walk-in cold room/freezer
  • The best quality/ freshest everything
  • A permanent suite at the Ritz-Carlton in Kuala Lumpur as a base for gastronomic getaways

Five Foods You Love to Cook/Bake

  • Rich fruit cakes and puddings
  • Homemade chilli sauce with chillies from the garden
  • Christmas lunch – turkey with all the trimmings
  • Creamed sago
  • Any comfort food really. Comfort food and “nursery” food. Shepherd’s pie, casseroles, roasts, my daughter’s comfort foods (rice & egg, chicken rice) soups, mince and mash – things like that.

Five Food You Cannot/Will Not Eat

  • Raw egg-white
  • Brains
  • Tripe
  • I wouldn’t eat that putrefied shark that is a speciality somewhere in Northern Europe, Norway or Iceland maybe? It gets buried, it rots, they eat it. Apparently it smells and tastes very strongly of urine. I rest my case.
  • ANY food where I discover something that shouldn’t be there, like a bug, or a hair, or a piece of gravel or shell. I start to gag straight away, and that’s the end of that meal.

Five Favourite Culinary Toys

  • My vintage and retro, mostly pastel, and floral, china and kitchen “bits”
  • Faema coffee maker
  • DeLonghi burr coffee grinder
  • Microplane
  • Cuisinart wok

Five Dishes On Your “Last Meal” Menu

  • Fried bacon, black pudding, scrambled eggs and toast
  • Vietnamese beef pho
  • One of everything from a Singaporean or Malaysian food court ( a really BIG food court)
  • Christmas roast turkey lunch
  • Eggs Benedict

Five Happy Food Memories

  • I know, you’ve heard it before – eating in Malaysia and Singapore 😉
  • My Mum’s special birthday Madeline’s – the English ones, not the French: Lovely castles of sponge cake, brushed with raspberry jam, tossed in coconut and with a cherry and some angelica “leaves” on the top
  • Mum’s extraordinary trifles
  • Taste testing after a day in the kitchens at the hospitality college I went to in Adelaide. I have never since experienced the quality and range of ingredients we had to work with. The methods were for the most part “classic French” and it was a fabulous experience for a 19 year-old foodie.
  • My blissful wedding lunch at the Rasa Sayang in Penang. My Dad and stepmother travelled from the UK to be with us and that lunch was just so very special. It was in a pavilion overlooking the beautiful gardens, next to the beach. The staff were wonderful, the food was perfect – what a day!

I’m passing this meme onto happyhomemaker, voodoo kitchen, eatandbe happy, and cathie. I know you know that there’s no obligation 🙂


4 thoughts on “Meme for YouYou…

  1. Wow, hospitality college at 19? Lucky you. And however did you survive without a freezer for three years? That would have killed me!

    This is such a wonderful meme- i can’t wait to have a go at it. Thanks for the tag! 😀

  2. OMG – the freezer business… every week I’d say, “right, we’re going out to buy a freezer”, and every week I wouldn’t be able to make up my mind what one I wanted 🙂
    In the end, the fridge broke as well, so the decision was kind of made for me and I HAD to go buy one.
    Trust me, having no freezer was hell 🙂

    I look forward to your meme, I love ’em!

  3. Shazza! you have a very good point :0 I should bring things in for the girls to taste test shouldn’t I?

    I know you aren’t lazy BTW- you make beautiful things: unless it’s been your mum all along…

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