Professional Certificate in Gastronomy

I have to share my excitement with you!

I have received a letter of offer to study gastronomy at a post-graduate level this year!

It is a 6 month course, and I have elected to study online, so I can continue working.

Le Cordon Bleu, in collaboration with the University of Adelaide are offering this very exciting graduate program to students, and now I am one of them!

I have to pinch myself 🙂 This is the realization of a long-held dream of mine. To study food within it’s sociological, anthroplogical and historical contexts, and to go on and apply this knowledge is just such a gift.

I was very fortunate to be awarded a part scholarship for the Professional Certificate. University study in Australia is expensive, so this was an honour and a relief 😉 The scholarship was a joint award from Le Cordon Bleu and Sumptuous magazine, and “winning” that was thrills enough! To be offered a place in the course is enough to make me cry a little bit…

It’s going to be a challenge. I haven’t been at university for over 10 years, and my writing skills are a bit rubbish… sweetrosie has certainly helped in that department, but there’s still a loooong way to go.

Happy days! Wish me well!

13 thoughts on “Professional Certificate in Gastronomy

  1. How wonderful for you, sweetrosie! Congratulations! Nothing like learning and doing something that you’re totally passionate about, don’t you think? Here’s wishing you a fantastic and fulfilling 2008!

  2. Very, very impressive. I’m so jealous! Good to see that you’ll be doing this online (so we still get to have you here).


  3. Congratulations on having your dream come true, dear sweetrosie! I am very happy for you. Good news for us who are following your blog – we will see more yummy recipes here when you have some time to write while you are “studying”. 😀

    Big hugs and best wishes,

    choesf 😀

  4. oooo..I’m so envious of you! It’s my dream to one day study culinary at Le Cordon Bleu. Glad to see yours have come true! Enjoy!

  5. Dear choesf! Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. No doubt I will have to take some study breaks and blog 🙂 – I can’t stop now 🙂

    pearlyn83 – I never, ever thought my dream could come true, yours can too you know 🙂 and I hope they do!

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