Spring Rolls and a Vietnamese Salad

happyhomemaker’s heritage Malaysian chicken curry recipe required a trip to the small Asian grocer just up the road. This lady continues to expand my horizons. She is very generous with her precious family recipes, and her advice.

I needed curry paste ( I found a Malaysian chicken curry paste for $2.50), curry leaves, coconut milk, lemongrass and curry powder ( I bought Baba’s meat curry powder)

I also wanted to get another bottle of the Filipino banana chilli sauce we love so much.

What goes well with chilli sauce?

Fresh cooked spring rolls!


These were frozen ones you cooked yourself. They were OK I guess. Not as nice as you’d make yourself at home. They needed a lot of cooking to get through the rather thick pastry wrapper and cook the inside. It was very yummy for a change though.

There’s another pack in the freezer. These are for a Vietnamese salad type of meal.

Here’s what I do for that –

  • soaked and drained rice vermicelli is put into a deep bowl
  • it is topped with a mix of shredded lettuce, coriander, mint, shredded carrot, cucumber and bean-shoots
  • fried spring rolls, cut into lengths of, say, 2 or 3 are put on the top. You can be as generous with the spring rolls as you like. We would probably have 3 spring rolls per person.
  • I generally serve 3 sauces on the side:

 1) fish sauce, a bit of sugar, a bit of lime juice, a smidge of crushed garlic and some chopped fresh chilli , it’s like nuoc cham  that indispensible Vietnamese dipping sauce 

 2) a sweet chilli sauce

3) soy sauce

When we eat, I tend to scrunch my spring rolls up and mix them into the salad and noodle. Myf and monty tend to eat everything in well put-together mouthfulls 🙂

It’s a very refreshing meal on a hot day. I make quite a few variations on this theme. Sometimes we’ll have the noodle/salad combo with stir-fry chilli chicken or pork, sometimes with crumbed (breaded) chicken or pork.

Light, fresh and singing with flavour, I think you’ll enjoy it 🙂

6 thoughts on “Spring Rolls and a Vietnamese Salad

  1. Sounds like a great salad! I often buy frozen spring rolls, and usually just serve them alone with a sauce when we do an appetizer-type meal. But this is a great idea, and I’ll have to try it.

  2. Thank you! We first had it in a little Vietnamese cafe we go to. It is really delicious 🙂

    There’s also a dish on the menu where they give you lettuce leaves and fresh herbs and you wrap the spring roll up in a lettuce leaf along with some herbs, dip it in sauce and away you go!

  3. HBi sweetrosie! 🙂

    This salad must be very yummy :)).There is no spring rolls over here, so I’ll let my imagination go and eat the salad as it is.

    Love from a big fan of salads, rose

  4. Hi rose! Thank you for your kind words 🙂

    No spring rolls! Do you have Chinese restaurants in your part of the world? I am very curious about what you eat – I hope one day you will start a blog 😉

  5. 😦 No Chinese restaurant in my small town wich is more like a big village!
    My English is not good enough to start a blog, but I will send you some of our traditional food recipes , if you want me too.

    Love always, rose { :)}

  6. Hi rose – that’s very interesting. I would love to know more about your culture, including your recipes, I really would.

    Can you share with me where you shop? (market, big supermarket, that sort of thing) I find that fascinating.

    Thank you so much for this very kind offer rose.
    Love and happiness to you 🙂

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