Red Roast Pork

There’s a Hong Kong style barbeque shop right next door to the Asian supermarket I like to go to. They have Peking duck, soy chicken, crispy skin roast pork and red roast pork. They take your choice down off the hook and chop it up in front of you on a big wooden chopping block.

Everything is available by weight, or you can get an excellent value lunch pack which comes with your choice of meat,  rice, pickled vegetables and hoi-sin sauce. AUD$7.00 makes this a bargain in anyone’s books.

I brought home 250g of red roast pork to have cold with rice for dinner. It’s been hot again here, and I knew that I wouldn’t be much in the mood for cooking.


Lovely meal – everyone enjoyed it. The sauce is Guilin chilli sauce mixed with soy. The salad is cucumbers, tomatoes, brahmi, sugar and vinegar.

red-roast-pork-salad.jpg              red-roast-pork-plate.jpg

 The brahmi was so bitter 🙂 but perfect against the richness of the pork. You can read about brahmi’s  health benefits here.

Long recognised in Ayurvedic medicine, brahmi has now attracted the interest of scientists and researchers in the West. It’s strengths seem to lie with improving brain function: cognitive ability and memory, and assisting to minimise damage in diseases like Alzheimer’s. It is also recommended as a herb to assist with stress.

We have loads of the stuff! Around the pond, in hanging baskets, in water pots…

Here’s the rub – it is incredibly bitter 😦 it would be hard to encourage most children to eat it. For the adult who enjoys  bitter foods like bitter gourd, dandelion, endive, radicchio, it’s fine. It was nice with the cucumber and tomato salad. We should try to eat it more often. See if it works… it can’t hurt.

I actually saw bunches of brahmi being sold along with the other greens in the Asian supermarket today. I felt a bit fainty though and didn’t stop to ask anyone what they would use it in…

BTW, red roast pork is easy to make at home too. There are packets of the seasoning mix available, or you could use this recipe from The Australian Woman’s Weekly Chinese Cookbook.

4 thoughts on “Red Roast Pork

  1. Oops….I am sorry for the earlier post… 😳 I was typing my comments halfway when my kids came to ask me something and I accidently pressed the “enter” key! 😆

    I wanted to say that I remember those lovely Hong Kong style barbeque meats in the Chinatowns in Canada and the US when I was staying there for a while – those meats are absolutely delicious and we can hardly find them here in Malaysia….well, unless we go to some 5-star hotel restaurants but that would be very costly.

    I like to buy extra Red Roast Pork (called “Char Siu” in the Cantonese dialect) and keep some in the freezer, to make Fried Rice on another day.

    Have a wonderful week ahead!

    With peace and joy,

    choesf 😀

  2. What a brilliant idea – keeping some in the freezer. It’s quite a drive to this shop and I don’t go as often as I’d like 🙂

    Have a wonderful week dear choesf 🙂

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