Easy Hainanese Chicken Rice

We love chicken rice round here. Of course we would much rather be in Malaysia or Singapore eating it, but, that’s not going to happen anytime soon, so I have a recipe that tastes nice and authentic, doesn’t take all day to prepare or involve annual leave and plane tickets….

Please have a look at the photo in the link above. Especially for those friends who are unfamiliar with Chicken Rice, the Wikipedia link provides a good bit of descriptive info and a nice photo.

This recipe is excellent for lazy girls and boys. No need to fuss too much and I guarantee you will be very happy with the result.

Of course, whenever you get the chance, go to Chinatown, in your home city or better still, go to Penang or Singapore – and have several plates of the REAL DEAL 🙂


Into a large pot, put the following:

  • 1 whole chicken or your choice of chicken pieces on the bone
  • 1 big stalk of spring onion – all of it, green and white
  • 2 pandan leaves ( optional, but easy to find in the freezer at your Asian grocers)
  • 4 cloves of garlic – peeled and just cut in half
  • 2 stalks of celery cut in half
  • 4 slices of ginger. Skin and all, about as thick as a coin. Just slice them off a big knob of ginger
  • 3 chicken stock cubes or 2 teaspoons of chicken stock powder

Barely cover the chicken with cold water and bring to the boil.

Put the lid on and reduce the heat to a very gentle simmer.

Simmer a whole chicken for about 1.5 hours – pieces for about 1 hour.

While the chicken is simmering away you need to get the rice part ready:

Whichever way you prepare rice, rice-cooker, microwave, stove-top, all are fine for this recipe. Basically, to your washed and drained Jasmine rice, you need to add:

  • 1 dessertspoon of grated ginger and 1 dessertspoon of grated garlic that has been gently sauteed in 1 tablespoon of oil.

I just do the sauteing in the same Pyrex casserole dish I use to cook the rice in the microwave.

Stir it all about and then add the same amount of the chicken stock from the pan as you would normally add water to your rice.

Taste the stock for salt – you might need to add some.

Cook the rice the way you would normally cook your rice.

I’ll tell you how I serve the chicken rice:

  • I cut up the chicken and put it on a bed of lettuce. I sprinkle over a little sesame oil, only about a half teaspoon, and a sprinkle of soy sauce. I then sprinkle over roughly chopped coriander and spring onion.
  • The rice I just fluff up with a fork
  • The stock from the chicken pot is strained into bowls and served as soup with the meal. I will usually float a little coriander and spring onion in the broth. Any leftover stock is strained and frozen for a rainy day.
  • I serve a hot chilli sauce, soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce on the side.
  • Sliced cucumbers and sometimes tomato wedges are also served on the side

Honestly, it may not be the real McCoy, but when you get the urge for chicken rice and you are far, far away from the nearest hawker stall or Malaysian food court, this fits the bill very nicely 🙂



6 thoughts on “Easy Hainanese Chicken Rice

  1. Good morning, dear sweetrosie 😀

    Wow, you can cook up a wonderful meal of Hainanese Chicken Rice indeed! This is also a favourite with my family of 6 and now that the boys are teenagers with big appetites, I have to cook 1 1/2 chickens and 5 cups of rice for this meal! 😆

    One trick to making the chicken skin really smooth and the meat juicy is to plunge the whole chicken immediately into cold water for 5 minutes. Then, remove the chicken from the water and brush some sesame oil on the skin. Let stand for at least 15 minutes before chopping the chicken into slices. 😉


    choesf 😀

  2. Oops…I meant to say “plunge the chicken into cold water immediately after it is cooked” 😳 😆

    Seeing your recipe makes me want to cook chicken rice now! 😆

    Have a nice day today,

    choesf 😀

  3. Good morning dear choesf 🙂

    Thank you for the tips – is that what you do ( the ice water) when you want it to be very smooth and a bit jelly-like?

    Do you make your own sauces?

    I’d love to have your tips! 🙂

  4. Hi there sweetrosie! 🙂

    An other yummy meal,thank you! Those pandan leaves make me very curious. I’ve never saw or taste it…:( , but somehow I know that I would love it.

    Yes, choesf’s sauces…

    Love always,rose

  5. Dear sweetrosie, 😀

    I apologise for the late reply 😳 , I have been busy lately.

    For the chicken, I plunge it into a large bowl of room temperature water (it’s the tropics here), but I would add some ice cubes if I want to hasten things up.

    Yes, I make my own sauces but your chilli sauce recipe looks good, too. 😉

    I will post my Hainanese Chicken Rice recipe (also taught to me by my mother-in-law) when I next cook it.

    Have a nice week ahead!


    choesf 😀

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