Still Waiting For A Lotus…

Last Christmas monty bought me this beautiful pot. He sealed up the bottom drainage hole and I went online and ordered 2 lotus rhizomes.


The photo in the above link is a free photo- anyone can use it for any purpose they like: private or commercial. I would have loved to have posted it here but I had absolutely no idea how to do it! back to the WordPress Forum for me I think 🙂 Until then, please enjoy the link.

I love lotus. The flower rises above the water line on a long stem, as opposed to the water lily which appears to almost “float” on the water. There are double and single versions of the flower. Big, small and in-between. So many beautiful colours too, although my wish was for a white one. I am entranced by the way water drops sit on the lotus leaves, like little beads.

Lotus leaves are used fresh, or dried to wrap food before cooking in some cultures, notably Asian. The leaf provides a sturdy, cheap, strong wrapping for things like sticky rice and chicken. The young leaves are also eaten as a vegetable.

The root of the lotus is a beautiful vegetable. It is sausage shaped, and has a lacey, holey pattern running through it. The taste is mild,  similar to water chestnut.

The lotus seeds are also used as food. I believe that they can be candied or popped like popcorn.

Anyway. My rhizomes arrived in the mail. They looked fine, a nice size and not broken. I had been advised to handle them gently as they broke easily and would not grow if the shoot area was damaged. I handled them like they were newborn babies. I gently planted them as instructed and sat on the porch staring at the pot and sending good thoughts and love to my little ones 😉

I waited and waited and waited. When I couldn’t avoid the inevitable I gently dug into the mud and there were my beautiful treasures – all rotted and slimy. It made me very sad and slumpy. Here in Adelaide the summer temperatures often climb over 40C. I have to assume that the water temperature in my pot just got much too high and killed the plants. I may have had better luck planting them in my pond, which is of a considerable size, and doesn’t have the same temperature fluctuations as a pot in the sun.

By the time I realised what had happened it was too late in the season to order and plant another lotus, so I created this beautiful water pot.


I planted purple stem taro, a water lily and some Brahmi herb. Along with some floating duckweed.

It gives me so much pleasure. I love water features, and this one is so beautiful. I will have a lotus one day – but this time I am going to get 4 or 5 plants and try them in different situations. I am nothing if not determined!


6 thoughts on “Still Waiting For A Lotus…

  1. I can truly u’stand how you feel. I plant anything n then wait upon it hoping to see some evidence of its final product. A bud seems a delight, n the flower a blessing!! I hope you have a lotus flower sooner than later – it is truly a beauty to behold!!

  2. Oh Shella, you lucky girl! You have lotus flowers at home?

    They are so beautiful. When we visited Thailand it seemed every little pot everywhere had a lotus plant in it. And the beautiful bunches of pods were sold at the temples. It was so wonderful.

    One day I’ll have a lotus…

  3. Good afternoon from a hot KL, dear sweetrosie! 😀

    Thank you for sharing with us the wonderful site on lotus flowers. Hehe, I love lotus flowers (my username on some sites is “lotus”) a lot as it has a very significant meaning in Buddhism, plus almost the whole plant can be eaten or used.

    My husband especially loves Lotus Root With Pork Ribs soup and Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf. I remember when I was small, I would go to the ponds and pluck those lotus buds to eat their seeds. 😆

    Drinking the juice of fresh lotus roots is a home remedy for those with frequent nosebleeds.

    I hope you will see some lotus flowers blooming in your pot soon! 😉

    Have a nice, relaxing weekend!

    With love, peace and joy,

    choesf 😀

  4. Oh choesf! Good evening. I hope you had a productive day 🙂

    I covet your lotuses 😉 I think they are the most beautiful plant I have ever seen. Unfortunately, maybe I have to concede that 2007 is another year without them for me…:(

    choesf, if KL is hot, we are in the 7th circle of hell here! 38C today, 39C tomorrow and then 43C on Monday! We are all just flopping about with no energy to do anything.

    Enjoy your Sunday dear choesf 🙂 x

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