sweetrosie’s beautiful Christmas presents

I just had to share with you 2 of my beautiful Christmas gifts.

This clock was from monty and Myf – so sweetrosie! I just adore it and it’s up in the kitchen already.


This gorgeous package of goodies is from my mum.


Le Couvent des Minimes is a convent in Provence, France where the sisters makes these wonderful, natural plant based products. Established in 1862, the women use botanicals, many grown on the convent grounds and in the surrounding countryside, to create a “collection of lovingly blended, natural body care products”.

The selection chosen for me includes the following products:

  • pillow mist – how beautiful is that? A relaxing, lavender scented spray that you mist onto your pillow-slip for sweet dreams and restful sleep.
  • lavender linen spray. To scent your clothes and linen as you iron them, I also imagine using this to scent bathroom linen as you put it out. That will be so lovely!
  • pure, vegetable based soap. I will save this for using on the hand-basin, in a special soap-dish
  • a rich, lavender scented hand-cream. I may take this to work and keep it at my desk. I like to have a little touch of something luxurious and comforting at work. I makes me feel comforted and happy when I use it. The last very special one I had in the office was a Crabtree and Evelyn hand-cream mum had bought me for Christmas one year. The girls used to love the smell when I used it!

I am indeed blessed. Such beautiful things, and so much thought that went into them. I hope the gifts I gave also reflected how much my special people mean to me.

2 thoughts on “sweetrosie’s beautiful Christmas presents

  1. Wow what a lucky girl you have been. Lovely gifts & wonderful thoughts behind those gifts. You can add a virtual hug from me in your gift list. Will that do??

  2. It will Shella! Big virtual hug for you too!

    The gifts that mean the most are the ones with the love in them aren’t they? Money is nice, but it can’t buy love.

    Is there a time of year or a celebration where you buy and exchange gifts Shella? I’d love to hear about it if you get time.

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