Christmas Grocery Shopping

The shops were all open at 9am this morning. Usually it’s 11am on a Sunday. When I walked into the supermarket I was actually the only one there! It soon started to fill up though. By the time I drove over to Norwood Foodland for the turkey, it was kind of packed ( and that was at 10am – this afternoon is going to be busy!)

This is what I bought and how I’ll use it:

  • 1/2 leg hamwith the bone in. I’ll glaze it with  marmalade, mustard, a pinch of allspice and some  lime juice and bake it in the Weber along side the turkey. Sharpening the knives is on monty’s “to do” list, so when he does them I can take the skin off the ham, and score the fat to make it look nice. The ham was on special for $6.99 per kilo.
  • a size 42 (4.2 kilograms) turkey. It’s a frozen one so it’s gone into the fridge to defrost. I’ll be stuffing it with a stuffing made from English style pork sausage meat, breadcrumbs, sauteed onion, celery, sage, walnuts and chopped prunes. I will be making some softened butter and dried tarragon mix to slide under the skin. It will baste and flavour the turkey as it’s cooking. The turkey will be cooked in the Weber. It cost $33.00
  • Lard – *whisper* It’s so much fun being “naughty” at Christmas! If you haven’t got duck fat ( and honestly, who does?) lard makes the most delicious roast potatoes.
  • Cream. Several cartons. Light cream to serve with coffee and regular cream. I’m making vanilla bean ice-cream today to serve along side the custard with the Christmas pudding. The base for the ice-cream is an egg and cream custard. The ice-cream maker is freezing up in the freezer ready for this afternoon.
  • Salted macadaemias and cashews.It is a pre-made mix. Only $8.99 for 500g
  • Potatoes – for mash and for roasting
  • Celery, onions and Italian parsley
  • Dried figs and prunes
  • Croissants for Christmas morning breakfast.
  • New filters for the Brita water jugs
  • A bunch of red carnations and a bunch of  white Chrysanthemums for the lounge. I was lucky enough to be at the flower section when the lad was reducing some bunches. I got these ones for $4.00 each.
  • Dry ginger, lemon, lime and bitters, Coke and a 1 litre carton of eggnog. I should make my own eggnog, but I kind of like the bought one. It’s not cheap, $3 something a litre. I would normally get some non-alcoholic sparkly grape juice too, so Myf can have some in a champagne glass for the Christmas morning toast but there has been a product recall of Maison and there weren’t any others available.
  • Caster sugar
  • Regular sugar
  • Regular milk, eggs and butter
  • A loaf of pane de casa breadfrom Baker’s Delight. It’s a lovely, chewy style loaf, perfect for my stuffing.
  • A packet of 240 outdoor fairy lights. monty doesn’t know about this yet… I hope he’s OK stringing them up. How hard can it be? 😉
  • Heat beads for the Weber

The lot came to $250 – not bad at all. I had budgeted $200, but that didn’t include the fairy lights (!) or the $20 for the Brita jug filters, so all in all, a good shop.

It was putting it all away that was a drag. The fridge had to be rearranged like a giant jigsaw puzzle. The eggs are going to have to stay out, so are most of the fizzy drinks.

I’ll post my vanilla bean ice-cream when I make it this afternoon. Coffee first….


3 thoughts on “Christmas Grocery Shopping

  1. Good morning from KL, dear sweetrosie! 😀

    I have just taken down my frozen Goldfields turkey from the freezer to the chiller part of the fridge to defrost – it weighs almost 5 kg and cost AUD52-00 here. It is very wonderful to know how you are preparing for your Christmas Dinner – it’s fun to know how people in other parts of the world do this. 😀

    I will only be doing the rest of my Christmas grocery shopping tomorrow morning – thus far, I only have my frozen turkey and Christmas pudding ready! 😆

    Now, I have to go back to my cleaning (hehe, I had taken a breather and popped in here for a while 🙄 )…..

    Have fun cooking up a storm and Merry Christmas, dear sweetrosie!


    choesf 😀

  2. Hi Rosie posie like the new name hennypenny formerly Lynne46 I think it is much nicer. You sound super organised as usual my mouth is watering just imagining your lovely spread. Yum yum. Big fat rooster won’t be about this chrissie but little twirly and big curly are excited beside themselves. Mind you they have no delusions about my cooking skills and we are all grateful for Nannypoos contribution. This year I am on entres any ideas for a pile of prawns a smoked chicken, baby spinach leaves and a punnet of strawberries 🙂 Have a fantastic xmas all my love to Monty and M xxx

  3. dear hennypenny! Merry Christmas xxx
    I’ve been thinking about you and the little curly whirlies all week. I was hoping you would be able to come over before Christmas, but I know it’s a busy time.
    Will we be able to catch up over the holidays?
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow and do give our love to the family.
    BTW – you really answered your own question re the entree: big pile of leaves, meat off the chicken ( you can gnaw on the bones ), prawns, some parsley and spring onion if you have it, cherry tomato – that sort of thing, and then make a dressing with oil and balsamic or lemon, salt, pepper, touch of sugar and a little slurp of soy. Toss it all up with your hands.
    Leave the strawberries out of it darling…

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