Nigella in Her Nightie

Last night Nigella did something I’ve always wanted to do. She went to work in her nightie.

There she was. The Domestic Goddess, all her make-up on, hair flopping about, in a sea-foam green  peignoir making corn cakes or something on a griddle.

My silky wrap would have been flapping open at the front, splodged with oil, batter coated cuffs sizzling on the griddle along with the pancakes. She remained softly spoken and immaculate. Immaculate in that trademark wanton way she’s cultivated.

I think it’s the hair dangling everywhere. Or that strangely always full pantry and freezer. Or the fact she’s got 50 milliongazillion quid and I haven’t.

Don’t tell anyone that I was being so uncharitable at Christmas….

3 thoughts on “Nigella in Her Nightie

  1. Hehe, anyone ever wonders how come she never sweats in front of her stove? 🙄

    Ssshhh….your “secret” is safe with me.. 😉



  2. You know Cathy – I feel the very same way about all the dangling hair on the doctors and nurses in ER too 😉 You’d think they would be really worried about it DIPPING into “something” they were working on.
    Have a wonderful Christmas cathie! 🙂

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