Malaysian Curry Puffs

 I love happy home makers blog 🙂

She writes beautiful posts and has some fabulous Malaysian recipes along with posts on feng shui, health and home making in Kuala Lumpur.

I will be making these for Christmas nibbles.

Malaysian Baked Curry Puffs

Although I usually serve a fried curry puff, these look delicious and frankly, deep frying does make a bit of a smelly mess :0

I have never made my own pastry for curry puffs. HHM uses puff pastry in this recipe. I have also used shortcrust. The frozen pastry that comes in sheets. Very easy to cut out.

I think I’ll be serving them with two different sauces: yoghurt, coriander, green chilli and mint and the tamarind sauce from Archana’s Kitchen’s blog.

I don’t have fresh curry leaves growing at the moment. My plants always end up dying on me, so, if I can’t find fresh ones at the Asian market up the road, I’ll make do with the dried ones I’ve got in the pantry.

I have also made a delicious version of the curry puffs using just roughly mashed, spiced potato and peas. I cooked the potato with  tumeric, green chilli, garlic, onion, mustard seeds and fennel seeds. That version was very popular. Maybe that’s more a samosa than a curry puff?

Thank you again choesf and archana 🙂


3 thoughts on “Malaysian Curry Puffs

  1. Dear sweetrosie, 😀

    Thank you for the wonderful comments my blog **blush** 😆

    My curry puffs recipe there was actually “designed” for my European friends last year when they wanted a really Malaysian spicy snack. I had chosen frozen puff pastry to make this recipe easier for them. The ones commonly sold in stalls all over Malaysia are the ones that are deep fried using a pastry similar to short crust pastry and don’t contain frozen mixed vegetables. Samosas here have similar fillings but with green peas and are more spicy. It is okay to omit the curry leaves if there are not available. 😉

    Bon appetit with your curry puffs! 😀

    With peace and joy,

    choesf 😀

  2. Hi sweet rosie
    Thank tou for visiting my blog and appreciating my recipes. And for the use of chutneys as well. You have a nice site, though i am vegetarian, i still like reading non vegetarian recipes as well. Are you Malasian? Is malasian food similar to thai- like coconut based?

  3. Thank you Archana, that’s very kind.
    No, I’m not Malaysian, But I love the country and the food.
    The food is diverse and influenced by the Malay, Chinese and Indian people who make up the majority of the population.
    There is lots of fabulous street foods, and very intresting adaptations of traditional recipes.
    Coconut is used quite a bit, in the Southern Indian 🙂 and Malay food. Lots of rice and noodle dishes, fresh spice pastes and vegetables.
    I don’t want to sound like an authority – I just love Malaysian food!
    With kind regards.

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