Chocolate Cupcakes With Pink Buttercream & Sprinkles


This post is more of the same, I know, but I am refining my methods and recipe all the time.

The order was for 60 pink iced cakes this week.

Hot again here and my main concern was for the buttercream icing. Would it melt? Or not pipe?

No to both. They were perfect *blush*

I made the buttercream softer this week by adding more milk. It had always seemed a bit gritty and firm to me. This batch had the consistency of soft-serve ice-cream AND it “hardened” up after it was on the cakes – perfect!

The client has mentioned gluten free & dairy free cupcakes. I advised her to make sure the parents knew that products containing gluten were prepared in the same kitchen, so the cakes may not be suitable for someone with severe allergies. Fine for those children with a sensitivity or intolerance though.

I will have to do my research for gluten-free cupcake recipes. I would also have to switch from icing sugar mixture ( which contains cornflour) to pure icing sugar to make the buttercream. Dairy allergies would see me using a cake with oil replacing the butter in the cake recipe. Oil or margarine. Ditto the icing. Margarine for that too.

I had meant to try out a tip I read the other day. The cake liners are filled using a plastic bag with a hole cut in it : like a large version of a  piping bag. You load the cake batter up into the bag, cut off the corner and away you go. I use two soup spoons to fill the liners and usually get drips + this method would save all the backwards and forward to the batter bowl to “reload” the spoons. Brilliant idea, I just forgot to give it a try…


9 thoughts on “Chocolate Cupcakes With Pink Buttercream & Sprinkles

  1. I don’t suppose you would be willing to share the recipe for gluten/dairy free when you perfect it? I guess I’m pretty happy with what I have come up with, but always looking to better it! I will be posting my gluten/dairy/egg free cake recipe within the week (hopefully) if you have any interest. Your cupcakes are beautiful! I can see the smooth glossy texture of the buttercream. Yummm!

  2. consider using an ice cream scoop (the kind that is a half round, and has a lever to push to scoop out the ice cream) to fill your liners – MUCH easier than spoons or plastic bags. And faster!

  3. If your client has requested “No Gluten” I would check if they have Celiac Disease, If so it would be Ok to use Corn flour. I have Celiac Disease and I use corn products daily, it makes a great substitute.

    1. Hi Dee – thank’s for the good advice. It’s not often that the allergen free orders come in and luckily, most of the time I can just use my regular recipes. I know it can be tricky managing celiac disease, my daughter and I are a bit allergy prone – ezcema, IBS, sinus etc, I can only imagine what it must be like to manage celiac disease on a daily basis.
      Thank you again for visiting – all the best 🙂 Hope you drop by again soon

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