I’ve been tagged…

by LeBlanc.

It’s just a pity I don’t know how to respond – yet 🙂

I’m actually tickled pink. I’ve always wanted to do a meme. As soon as I can find out how to respond I’ll be in there boots and all.

I have to somehow find out how to tag LeBlanc, and then link someone else, well, 7 other people, so they can do it as well.

Anyone want to enlighten me?


3 thoughts on “I’ve been tagged…

  1. when you are tagged by someone to do a meme, you just copy the questions in the meme and answer them in your own words. then you choose 7 other bloggers you want to tag and if they want to do the meme, they’ll link back to the meme you posted. you don’t have to tag leblanc, but it’s polite to link back to the post leblanc tagged you from. 🙂

    happy meme-ing!

  2. Thanks sulz! I hope you don’t mind if I send it on to you. I don’t have that many blog pals, and I don’t want to annoy anyone. Is it seen as annoying? I love the idea and was thrilled to get it myself, but I’d love to know what the etiquette is – if any.

  3. if you tag me and i haven’t done that meme yet, i’ll do it. 🙂 some people do memes, and some people don’t. if you tag someone there’s no obligation to do it; if they want to, they will.

    no particular etiquette, though personally i think if a person doesn’t like to put memes in his/her blog and was tagged, the least they could do is reply the meme in a comment in the blog of the tagger. that’s just me two cents, though. 🙂

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