Garlic and Chilli Prawns

Another hot day with monty and Myf heading out for the evening.

It called for a quick and easy dinner.

Only one teensy, weensy problem. There was only one T-Bone left in the fridge, and I really, really fancied steak and salad.


Luckily there are prawns in the freezer, garlic and fresh chilli, and rice in the pantry. Jasmine rice it was tonight. I did have a choice of Basmati, broken rice and sushi rice as well… Oh, and rice noodles.

I had in mind to make a kind of East/West fusion garlic prawns (even though I usually hate the term fusion food) it’s pretentious and fussy sounding. Best of both worlds sounds better 😉

The garlic and red chilli was finely chopped and sauteed in a little butter and canola oil. A few stalks of asparagus, cut into lengths was added. The frozen green (raw) prawns were popped into the pan, along with the juice of a lemon and some salt and pepper.


I love watching raw prawns turn pink.


A generous spoonful of sour cream was stirred through and the then prawns and sauce spooned over the steamed rice.

Topped with coriander it was absolutely delicious.


I didn’t feel one bit guilty. Well actually, I did and so I gave monty most of the fillet part of the steak to have with his rice…

Not as rich as the traditional Anglo-European version of garlic prawns, the chilli and coriander lifted the dish and made it sing.

Rice was the perfect sauce-soaking accompaniment..

The only thing I’d change next time would be to use fresh cream instead of sour cream.

I don’t know if it was because the cream was low-fat, but it was a little bitty in texture, and a little bit “cheesy” in taste. Not unpleasant at all, just not what I had in mind.


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