Cat’s Banana Cake



The fabulous Cat from Cathie Cooks Food posted this intriguing recipe for banana cake that I just had to bake straight away.


Cat’s recipe uses no butter or oil, although she said that a little oil was fine, if the cake baker wanted to add it and so I did put in a tablespoon of my special Camellia oil

Cat believes the 5 minute whipping of the banana is the secret to this scrumdidddlyumptious cake.

In an effort not to totally plagiarize Cat’s special family heirloom recipe I also added a teaspoon of vanilla bean paste, and iced the cake with a chocolate buttercream instead of the coffee icing in the recipe.


I assured Cat that my photos would no way be better than hers and promised to give her  ALL the credit in my post ( not that she asked for it. She’s a  very clever, very generous lady)

Anyhoo, no promises broken here…

Really, my photo taking is atrocious…

This was made last night – when Myf was making me a little crazy in the kitchen. Asking me to buy her a sewing machine, rifling through the pantry, accusing me of making all the “best” food when she was out, lying about on the floor – that kind of thing. I ended up icing the cake while it was still warm, just so she would stop asking me when it was going to be ready and I could sit down without thinking she was hacking into it and ruining it before it was finished.


Bouncy texture, big banana flavour, just wonderful.

It’s all gone – I think the girl must have eaten it all or given it to her friends.

I’ll have to make another.

Thanks Cat – brilliant recipe for my collection.

Make sure you check out Cat’s blog



3 thoughts on “Cat’s Banana Cake

  1. That banana cake really sounds intriguing and looks delicious. Thank you for posting the blog it came from, too. I had never come across it before and it seems to have a lot of good recipes. Believe me, by the weekend everyone here will be fed up with Thanksgiving type food and this cake might just fit the bill.

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