Vietnamese Cold Rolls

The filling for these cold rolls was last night’s leftover rice noodle and salad. I defrosted some prawns and sliced them in half, long ways. In the past I have used shredded steamed chicken or pork in cold rolls. When Myf was a vegetarian I used pan fried firm tofu .

Always iceberg lettuce, cucumber and coriander. Mint and carrot when I am not as flustered as I was tonight…

I used the cast iron fry pan to dip the rice papers. It was the perfect size. I used warm water, not hot for the rice paper dipping.

No Hoisin sauce left in the house, so I used the dregs from the jar of Guilin chilli sauce (which is very hot, very yummy and very versatile. Great in stir-fries), a splash of an Indonesian hot chilli sauce, a splash of vinegar and a splash of soy.

If it looks from the photo, and sounds from the words that I was slapping this meal together it’s because I was.

Myf had taken a break from her social life and had come home for dinner, hungry. She had sat herself down in the kitchen. At one point I looked up and she was lying on her back on the floor. I got all flustered and disconcerted. That’s why the rolls look a bit naff. And that’s why the sauce is still in the jar I shook it all together in.

The hot and spicy Guilin based sauce slowed her down for a minute….

If I had been more organised I would have made a nuoc cham dipping sauce.

monty said the sauce was a bit heaty too. He had to eat a  raspberry split ice lolly to cool his mouth. I thought the sauce was absolutely perfect. I ate my rolls the way I always do : I take the first bite, and then I tip sauce down into the guts middle of the roll – yumbo!


Sorry about the dreadful photo …

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