Pavlova with Summer Fruits



This is the perfect summer dessert.

Light, sweet meringue, the outside light-as-air crispy, and the inside like puffy marshmallow, topped with whipped cream and the nicest selection of fresh fruits available to you.

Some notes about the pavlova in this picture:



  • This is a ready-made pavlova base from the shops They are perfectly lovely and very handy.

Here is an excellent site if you would prefer to make your own

  • Meringue, which the pavlova base is made of is very sweet. It’s just egg whites & sugar. Many people choose not to sweeten the whipped cream . It adds a nice contrast to the very sweet meringue.The truly decadent will use double cream (minimum 48% butterfat) or a mixture of pouring and double cream whipped together.


  •  If you’re a sweet tooth, or some of the fruit is a little tart for your liking, by all means add sugar. Otherwise, leave the fruits unsweetened.


  • Anything goes! A combination of fruits – everything that looked nice in the shop, or just two complementary fruits – banana and mango, or strawberry and kiwi-fruit, for example.


  • The cream can also be flavoured to complement the fruits or to provide a whole new dessert theme. Lemon curd (butter) folded into the cream is absolutely scrumptious. So is raspberry puree.


  • Be generous with the cream and with the fruits. Pavlova is a voluptuous, special occasion dessert. Perfect for Christmas, or on days when it’s too hot or too special to be counting calories (anyway, all that fruit is good for you, and everyone knows egg-white is full of protein *wink* )

Individual pavlova shells are available in the shops. However, they are crunchy, with none of the soft, marshmallowy texture of the larger bought or homemade bases. I would suggest making your own if you don’t want all crunchy base for your dessert creation.


3 thoughts on “Pavlova with Summer Fruits

  1. This is a great idea and one I shall adopt when I host my first ever Xmas for the family this year. Long story. I look forward to seeing you on the morrow, wondrous Sweetrosie!

  2. With everyone here in the U.S. cooking and talking about heavy, rich food for Thanksgiving, your dessert looks wonderfully refreshing. I’ll have to check to see if anyone carries a ready-made Pavlova base in my area.

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