White Chocolate and Raspberry Cupcakes


These cupcakes are rich and delicious. Vanilla bean cupcake, partnered with delicate white chocolate and red raspberries. Perfect as a dessert cupcake, the white chocolate melts in the batter to form pockets of molten choc.

Beautiful served piled high with fresh raspberries and drizzled with white chocolate ganache.

Using your favourite vanilla cupcake mixture, 2/3’rds fill your liners. As I have been doing lately, I used vanilla bean paste, instead of extract in my batter. I like the true, intense flavour of the paste, and the little black vanilla seeds that you can see in the cake. Drop about 3 white chocolate buttons or about 1 tsp of chopped white chocolate and 3-4 raspberries onto the batter.choc-rap-cupccakes-006.jpg No need to push them in, or cover them up. The cake will rise to enclose them.

I used frozen raspberries that I didn’t defrost. Fresh raspberries would be delicious, but using frozen doesn’t detract at all. In fact, I would suggest, if you have fresh berries, save them to serve with the cake.

Don’t be tempted to add too much fruit or chocolate. The quantity I’ve mentioned above is plenty.

Bake for about 18-20 minutes in a 170C oven.

 Important: let the cooked cupcakes cool for about 10 minutes in the tin. They are quite soft and fragile when first cooked. After 10 minutes remove to a wire cake cooling rack.


I drizzled this batch with a white chocolate ganache :  white chocolate and cream melted together and chilled to thicken it up. I didn’t thoroughly chill or whisk the chilled gananche as I wanted more of a glaze consistency.




6 thoughts on “White Chocolate and Raspberry Cupcakes

  1. I am new to this whole baking thing, but I really enjoy making cupcakes. I am about to try these White Choc & Raspberry ones…they sound divine!

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