Egg Salad & A Passiona Vodka Cocktail


Adelaide was hot today, nudging 32C I think. I thought I’d make monty a special cocktail for when he got in from work. Here’s what I did:

  • Lime juice ice-cubes into a tall glass. The juice is from our calamansi lime tree, and the crop this year was huge. I made little ice-cubes from the juice

  • Ordinary ice. The water is made from Adelaide water that has been filtered through the Brita jug

  • The last two fingers of Absolut vodka – raspberry flavour. It was mine. I bought it duty free when we went to Thailand ( in 2005…) monty drank everything he bought. Now, I don’t drink, but it was still mine and monty had no right to drink nearly all of it.
    I didn’t realise what was happening at first. The bottle is coloured red and I thought that was the “likker” I was seeing. I liked to open the cupboard and admire the bottle from time to time. Duh, the vodka inside is clear, and was actually going down all the time…

  • Anyhoo, my the vodka went into the freezer to slurry up a bit and to make the glass nice and frosty.

  • When monty came home, I called out a cheery “woo, woo”, topped up the glass with Passiona ( delicious Aussie passsionfruit flavoured fizzy pop) and soothed the savage beast. He was  more floppy and hot than savage, but you know what I mean 😉

We sat out on the back porch, looking out at the plants and the pond and the birdies. monty said ” what’s this lovey?”. I said “last of the summer wine”. He said “wine and Passiona yerrk”. I said   *”nooo, joke, that’s the name of a book or a TV show or something that just popped into my head. It’s vodka. And Passiona”. He said “oh, ok, vodka, that’s alright then”

Not one word that it was the last of my vodka, and where had it all gone, after all, I’D ONLY HAD IT TWO YEARS. That was hard. Usually I wouldn’t be able to help myself. Too hot I think.


The egg salad? Another post I’m afraid. I cannot figure out how to insert multiple photos in sequence. Time to go flailing through FAQ/search at the forums. Then when I’ve done that for a little while it will be ok for me to post my question, because you see, I would have tried, and I don’t mean to sound prissy or anything, but I gather not everyone does. Miss sweetrosie always was a pleaser, a very prissy little pleaser…



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