Sausage Sizzle


I became an Australian Citizen this week. Pip hooray for me.

Now I have every right to fry sausages, put a loaf of white bread and a bottle of  “dead ‘orse” ( I used to say “sauce”, but now I’m an Aussie) out next to the pan and call it dinner.

The trick is to call it a sausage sizzle. That way you  confuse everyone into thinking it’s a lot of fun, and a big treat.

These snags, erh, sausages, were pork ones. British style pork ones. Like I used to be – a porky Brit. Now it’s Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oink, oink, oink.

But that’s another post.

 How I saw a photo of myself this week and thought someone had put my head on Dawn French’s body…

That gap in my wonderful Circulon pan is where I did a little taste tester. Yumbo!

Come to mama my lovely little sausage.

9 thoughts on “Sausage Sizzle

  1. I think that’s the first verse of the national anthem, isn’t it? “Australians all let us rejoice! For we are young and free!” LOL, somebody should sing the other one during the election.

    Anyway, congrats on your citizenship. I had no idea you were another Aussie; watch out, we’re taking over WordPress! And I rather fancy one of those sausages. Yum. 🙂

  2. I can’t believe I didn’t know that. They should have made sure I did at immigration before they gave me the big A OK.

    cj, you are worth bottling and welcome round here for sausages anytime you like. You get one sausage for every question I am allowed to ask about widgets and Flickr, photos and grammer.

    Sincere thanks, your help’s been invaluable, and your blog with it’s concise, expressive writing style an inspiration.

    No doubt I’ll be visiting the forum with another question for “Dr cj” soon 😉

  3. Those sizzling sausages look so good on this Sunday morning in the U.S. Personally, I love Dawn French and you seem to have some of her sense of humor.

  4. I love her too! I’ll never forget a skit I saw her do on French & Saunders. She had this little outfit on and was doing Bjork – that loopy Icelandic ( Iceland or Finland , forget now ) singer. It was so funny and it has stayed with me for years. I also loved that show where she ran a shop, it was set in some little village in Cornwall, or Devon. Her accent was spot on. It was hilarious. I am monty’s “gorgeous chubby dumpling”, and any reference to the beautiful Dawn was intended as flattery – but you knew that anyway didn’t you 🙂

  5. Shazza, great to hear from you! Thanks for visiting 🙂
    The photos are great – thanks for taking them and thank you very much for sharing my special day with me.
    You know that I am indeed the QUEEN of the handy hint so I will post a few hints that wil be especially handy over the festive season.
    Here’s one as a teaser:
    Fully utilise your crockpot/slow cooker on Christmas day. Use it to store the prepared gravy or the mash or veggies or something like that. You know that I mean switch it on and use it hot don’t you? Don’t just use it as a enormous storage tub…

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