Roses & Pearls Wedding Cake


If you have a look at my blogroll, just over there on the right… got it? There’s a site there called Diary Of  A Cake Stylist. Take the time to visit this blog.

This blogger has a very patient, very thorough, step-by step guide to making sugarpaste roses that I recommend you have a look at.

Now, it uses a petal tool, something I didn’t have when I made the cake in these photos. I am definitely going to get one and make some more roses. Little ones for Christmas cupcakes maybe.

I struggle a bit making the bases of the roses neat and tidy. My rose bases always seem a bit too bulky and big. Not that it has mattered too much so far, they kind of get hidden when the roses go onto the cake, but sometimes you need to have the rose sticking out and up from the cake a bit, and then I need a perfect base.

It would also be good to try making the roses from chocolate paste. There’s a good description of the product, a recipe, and how to use it here. 

2 thoughts on “Roses & Pearls Wedding Cake

  1. I looked at the blog you recommended and the cakes are just sensational. I couldn’t begin to do cake decorating and am so impressed with those who do.

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