I want bigger tips


Icing bag tips that is. I want my icing swirls to be more voluptuous.

 I should clarify that the client has asked for these cupcakes to be iced with the minimum amount of buttercream, and yes, she does want  fuschia pink ( sweetrosie prefers a paler shade of pink herself)

There is a  reason the icing does not extend to the edges of the cakes ( client specs again) and trying to find the right tip for the job has been a bit tricky. I am using a small star tip with extra large disposable icing bags at the moment.

Now there was another fabulous ebay buy – 100 extra large disposable icing bags, posted all the way from Honkers, for $10 bucks! I was paying .65c each in the cake decorating shop.

I digress…

The decoration is to be a small amount of sprinkles only.

I want to do them the “American Way” – buttercream  piled up as big as your head in huge swirls.

I don’t know if anyone eats all the icing/frosting when it’s done like that? It seems like a huge amount, but hey, it looks fabulous.

These babies have been collected, the kitchen is clean again and I’m ready for the weekend!


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