I promised you dinner & here it is

Lovely Baked Lamb Chops

I’m tired on a Wednesday night. Well, truthfully I’m tired every day after work, but Wednesday’s mean I don’t get home until 5.30pm and being the lazy type, I just cannot manage a lot of dinner effort at that time of the day.

This is basically what I did tonight.

  1. Peeled and sliced a potato and an onion – big ones, and lay them out on the bottom of a greased roasting pan

  2. Plopped some lamb chops on the top

  3. Dumped a punnet of grape tomatoes on top of the chops

  4. A generous grind of black pepper & salt

  5. Squeezed half a lemon over and drizzled over about 2tsp of olive oil – those chops are fatty enough and I want to use olive oil in the salad too. If I go stupid with the oil I’ll pay for it with a burny, sickie case of reflux later tonight)

The whole lot went into a 450F oven for about an hour.

I made a salad in the interim.

See the ingredients?

The white blob is feta cheese and I forgot to put Mr Onion in the photo.

I dressed it with lemon and a tiny bit of olive oil.

The tomato looks pale I know, but it was a home-grown gift from a friend and was delicious. Tart & tasty, just like me 😉

I squeezed another half of lemon over the chops when they came out.

monty had a big boy’s serve tonight but only ate half of it. I had a medium girls serve and ate all of it.



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