Cooking for Gentlemen

I am so proud of my gentlemen!

Today we made meatballs in a tomato sauce and they did a fantastic job, all of them.

There were plenty of options as far as flavouring the meatballs themselves and this is what the majority chose to use:

  • beef mince

  • bread run under the cold tap and soaked as the filler/binder

  • an egg

  • chopped chives

  • finely chopped sundried tomato

  • a little very finely chopped rosemary

  • sea salt

  • freshly ground black pepper

  • crumbled feta cheese

They shaped them, fried them off in the electric frypan and popped them in a sauce they made up using:

  • bottled pomodoro – Italian tomato /pasta sauce

  • chopped leeks

  • finely chopped garlic

  • a little carrot – one gentleman even had a go at cutting his carrot into daisies!

  • a few peas

  • a splash of white wine

  • a chopped fresh tomato

  • some added a little cream to the sauce

  • aqbout 2 tsp brown sugar

It looked and smelt absolutely wonderful.

They had brough along their casserole dishes, so all they have to do for dinner tonight is bake the lot for about 40 minutes.

I tell you, they were as proud as proud can be, and couldn’t wait to present it at dinnertime. Apparently we have some very impressed ( and no doubt grateful) wives out there 🙂

Last weeks hot-pot was discussed. Everybody was happy with the result. A few had already thought of things they would do differently next time they make it. This is exactly what I hope for when I teach. Confidence and innovation – just brilliant!

I wish I had taken my camera in, or even used my mobile phone camera, just so you could see how wonderful the casseroles looked.

Instead you’ll have to look at my dinner …



2 thoughts on “Cooking for Gentlemen

  1. I was hoping you’d post something about your gentlemen’s cooking class. The meatballs sound wonderful and have some additions I wouldn’t have thought of.

  2. Thank you so much Lillian. The meatballs were really fabulous. Someone donated a big tub of mulberries this week. I have put them in the freezer at work and am thinking of saving them for a class and letting the guys make a cobbler or a crumble – they do love their desserts!

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