A Saturday Tom Yam

bathroom-001tom-yam.jpg   I forget to post this picture of Saturday lunch in all the excitement of the bathroom ( excuse the text block, I am still floundering around with photos and images )

I don’t like tom yam that much, monty loves it.

By the time we bought the prawns and the “assorted exotic mushroom mix”, and the seafood stock and the etc, etc, etc, we could have had 3 tom yams each at the Central Market 🙂


6 thoughts on “A Saturday Tom Yam

  1. Hi there, Sweetrosie! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for all your kind compliments. I love Tom Yum soup as you might already know, and I agree, shopping for ingredients can really be expensive at times, especially if you don’t normally use those ingredients and the leftovers are just left in the pantry to expire ;o)

  2. You’re so right Carol, and as I’ve said before, some things taste better to me when other people make them 😉 Roti canai, Vietnamese beef noodle soup, nasi lemak and laksa are the few that come straight to mind.
    I did mention I’m not partial to tom yam anyway. I think I prefer a hot & sour soup.
    I have to say it again before I go Carol – your photos are just superb!

  3. on the paint thing, in my humble and limited experience there is no saving or reinventing crappy quality paint. There is nothing you can add to it. If you change the colour you just get different coloured crappy paint. Just chuck it. And chuck it now. If you keep it you will go crazy trying to resist the need to use it, you will use, you will hate it and curse yourself for using it so JUST CHUCK IT NOW. Poor monty…. after all that wall preparation too… it just doesn’t seem fair. Perhaps a little dolphin mural over the top or something ? a fish motif cleverly placed ?

  4. I should have asked you about paint. You have done enough painting to know what you’re on about. I tell you what – you tell monty to chuck it out, how does that sound?
    That bloody SBS show was on again tonight and mould had a starring role again.As usual the hapless family was at death’s door because of their lackadaisical approach to MOULD. I have just finished scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush and vinegar. My legs are shaking and the house stinks.

  5. I am going to paint my whole house white. I was seduced by the luscious bright colours the thrill of feeling adventurous. The red kitchen, the orange lounge…… however take note, the strong colours are really expensive and are gunna be a bitch to paint over. I am going to buy bulk lots of a very decent undercoat and a crisp ivory in Dulux because it seems to give the best coverage. My new direction is texlies and art, sweeties, for bringing colour and style into my home. Guess you could recycle your cheap paint as undercoat if you can’t get that Monty to chuck it out.

  6. What’s a texlie?
    You know, we ended up continuing with that paint, and it’s ok, not great, not as nice as yours is going to be with the Dulux.
    I shall paint you some pictures for your new decor, you can match the texlies up with them for a loverly new look.
    Happy Sunday lolxxx

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