Vanilla Bean Cupcake # A Buttercream Rose & Leaves

1887293861_4d5654538e_mcupcake-rose-icing.jpgThis was my first attempt at the piped buttercream rose. I wanted to post the photo, even though it relates to an earlier post, as I am hoping somebody might come by and leave me some suggestions on how to improve my icing technique.

I found it very hard to achieve a nice finish on the layer of icing/frosting that went on the cake first. I know there is not a lot of icing there, that was intentional, it just seems to get wasted if I put too much on. I struggled with the rose. I was using a petal tip, a metal one in a disposable bag. I wasn’t using a nail, I just held the cake and tried to turn it to form the petals.

I have made sugarpaste roses in the past ( I am going to see if I can find a photo of the a wedding cake I did ) but, really would appreciate any help to perfect the piped roses.

A big “thank you” in advance.


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