Broken rice, tuna, kimchee & seaweed

1888086278_e66ac87e8a_m-kimchee-tuna-rice.jpgLast Last night’s dinner was a bit of an afterthought. monty had an upset tum, so he had one piece of toast with a scrape of Vegemite. I was going to get a seafood pizza from Parentes after the cupcakes had been collected, but didn’t really want to go out ( they don’t deliver)

I took a leaf out of Myf’s book and made my self one of her favourites.

steamed broken rice

a tin of tuna slices

S & W mayo


Japanese seaweed/salt/sesame seed sprinkle

I did the rice in a Pyrex bowl in the microwave, and when it was cooked added a splash of vinegar.

I muddled through a dessertspoon of mayo, tipped the drained tuna over the top, sprinkled it with the Japanese seasoning sprinkles, and had a dollop of kimchee on the side.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was light, yet substantial, lots of different flavours, and that broken rice is great for a change. We most often have Jasmine or Basmati rice, Myf has sushi rice, but I usually want a long grain.

I initially bought the broken rice because the broken rice combination with the pork chop, pork loaf, pickles and fried egg, is monty’s favourite when we go out for Vietnamese food.  I haven’t used an awful lot of it making that kind of meal. I cannot recreate that kind of food. It seems to be one of those meals best savoured when you eat out. It’s the same for me with laksa, the coconutty one, not the assam one. I just cannot recreate the whole experience. It seems like my homemade laksa should be perfect, everything is in there, the paste is home made, the appetite is there, but sadly, it doesn’t do it for me like it does when I have it at the Central market or better still, when we go over to Malaysia.

Just a last word on the tuna. A couple of months ago I bought up big on the tuna because they were on special – .99c a tin in the clearance section. Before that I had always just bought the ordinary tins of flakey tuna. We’re all converts to the tuna slices now, at a price…the slices go for about $2.79-$2.99 a tin, compared to the flake tuna @ about $1.45 a tin. *sigh

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