Chocolate Cream Butterfly Cupcakes

1887126409_4092b2c872_m-choccupcake-wings.jpgThese are the finished cakes Myfanwy made for the birthday party. She carefully cut out the tops with a small, sharp knife and then cut  the tops in half for the wings.

 Cream was whipped with vanilla sugar and put onto the cakes. She put the wings on and dusted the tops of the cakes with icing sugar.

I think they look beautiful. We had a box big enough for her to pack them in, so I got a couple of paper doileys out for the base of the box, just so it looked extra special when she opened it up at the party.

Two punnets of strawberries were then washed and dried ( excellent shopping too Myf 🙂 -both for $3.00 from the fruit stand in Rundle Mall) One half of the berries were left plain, with the green stem/leafy bit left on, the others were dipped in Cadbury dark chocolate that we melted in a little ramekin in the microwave on defrost. She used about a 1/4 of a family size block of the choccy, and we put them on a sheet of baking paper to set on the counter. It didn’t take long even though today has been cool and damp. I’m glad they set ok at room temprature, it would have meant moving lots of stuff around if we had put them in the fridge to set.

She put the chocolate berries, and the plain berries together up one end of the box of cakes, the beautiful red and the dark chocolate looked just fabulous, and very professional! We put them in  a shallow tray that I think had been the lid to a largish punnet that held something like kiwi fruit. This was to keep it all nice and steady during the trip to the party.

 Honestly, everything looked so beautiful, picture perfect.


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