More choccy cupcakes

about half-way theresnowdomequeen would love these 🙂 She made us all the most beautiful orange cake with chocolate icing for Halloween. There were jelly snakes crawling all over the top of it ! It looked great and it tasted fantastic. The cake was a butter cake recipe I think, with lots of orange zest, and the icing was a luscious milk chocolate. Thanks L, it was a very special thing to do and all your office gal-pals loved it *hug*

I have an order for 70 chocolate cupcakes this week. 40 with the pink butter icing and 30 with the blue. I made an extra dozen for my special girl. She has a birthday party to go to tomorrow and wants to make some butterfly cakes to take along. I have shown her how to cut out the top of the cake with a sharp knife and she is going to whip some cream and fill them when she gets to the party. I suggested she sift some icing sugar over the top to finish them off. They should look lovely, and I know her friends will be well impressed!

She has actually just iced one with a chocolate icing & sprinkles to give to a friend tonight, and I have to say, it is gorgeous, she has done an absolutely 1st class job. I am so proud of her. She’s got it packed up with tissue paper in a old wooden tea caddy she found in the cupboard.

I’ve made all the ordered cakes and packed them away. I have about 2 hours when I get home from work tomorrow to ice them and pack them up ready for pick-up. I have to admit that it is getting easier with each week that I do them. I am becoming much more organised.

I am going to post a few photos of my workspace. A couple of posts ago I said I had a draining board to work on and an oven dating back about 50 years ( at least ) Just showing you all I was telling the truth…

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