ding dong – ebay calling!

There’s nothing screams”class” more than a lovely doorbell with a bespoke chime.

My brand new doorbell arrived in the mail today and I couldn’t be more thrilled.It cost the grand total of $1.25 on the  ebay, and in my opinion is worth at least twice that amount.

Sixteen melodies to choose from mean you can synchronize your mood or create a theme, all with a push of the (flashing blue) button.Your guests are bound to be startled impressed with your latest DIY home accoutrement.

Now, monty and I carefully listened to all sixteen melodies, and whilst we agreed that Jingle Bells was going to be just the ticket for Christmas, and Fur Elise was very tasteful, I have to admit we found some of the toons a little longer than was required for guest alert at the front door. The theme from Dr Zhivago seemed especially long and as it is quite a poignant toon, we were both feeling a bit glum when it finally finished. No,we decided that the Westminster Chime was the classic door bell choice and alerts the bell pusher that this is indeed the home of people who know what style is, even before they  step over the threshold.

Having decided on the classy Westminster Chime, I still find myself thinking back to one toon we deliberated over, and I am very tempted to program it in. Best described as wistful sounding, yet clanging, in the  style of Chinese elevator muzak , it made me all teary for Malaysia.

monty agrees that since we have hardly any visitors,the batteries should last a goodly amount of time, and it was indeed one of my best ebay bargains.


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