A lovely hot-pot

I am thinking of doing this for the men’s cooking class this week. I had some chops in the fridge, very nice forequarters, on special at Woolies. Potatoes, onions, had them. Got some stock & celery at lunchtime.

as many chops as you want, I used 2 small each

1 large onion, sliced

1 large carrot, cut into cubey shapes

2 sticks of celery, cut about the same as the carrot

1/2 a cup of frozen peas

1 tsp dried thyme – I didn’t have any fresh

1 small carton Maggi beef stock

3 thinly sliced peeled potatoes


I greased a large casserole dish with Pure & Simple and popped in a layer of sliced onion, the carrot, peas and celery.

I put the chops on top of the veg, seasoned them with salt and ground pepper, sprinkled them with the thyme and scattered the rest of the onion over.

The stock got tipped over the top of this.

A lovely thick layer of sliced potato became my hot-pots hat.

I covered it with a layer of greased foil as I couldn’t find the right sized lid.

1 1/2 hours in a 400F oven, then another 1 hour with the foil off so the tatties can brown.

Smells lovely.

Sliced beans and swede are waiting to be cooked.

If I had thought of it I would have added some Lea & Perrins, but I ws too busy yelling at the girl about the bin still being out on the road, and the newspaper snippings all over the lounge floor.


3 thoughts on “A lovely hot-pot

  1. nice and simple and very manly
    i do something very similar with my cheap as chips mince

    mind lately Im enjoying roasted vegetables and veg, tossed in il and herbs garlic good for the blood and bunged into the oven, easy and very tasty

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