mummyogg!you’re here!

I thought you’d never arrive. It was a long journey and you must be exhausted…

Well, I don’t know who will read about us. Definitely you, and me, and anyone we send our exclusive and very special details to I guess. We could start with Tracey. Captive audience as it were because she will feel obliged to read our posts 🙂

So Mama, do you have a blog? Or were you just leaving (oh joy, my 1st!!)a comment for me?

I hope to refine my writing skills until everyone thinks this is surely the blog of a nutjob professional wordsmith.


3 thoughts on “mummyogg!you’re here!

  1. So how are you going to get motivated again? Can’t imagine that you want to give up on all those things.!
    What are your new ambitions which you will consider and try out before you become bored with them?

  2. Well I for one would be most keen to read about you!!

    Especially since I was kindly prompted this morning by my good friend and your daughter Tracey!!

    Hope all is well. Tracey is also obsessed with home made cooking, made me a rather tasty lamb cutlet with oven roast root veggies for tea last week, absolutely delicious, oh and her fresh carrott and coriander soup, oh my word! I retruned home from work, walked into the kitchen and saw Tracey and Michael outside enjoying a cup of coffee. Now the correct thing to do would be to rush straight out, say Hi, give hugs and join them in the sunshine. However, I spotted her soup container nicely wrapped and put to one side for me.

    Seeing as though I’d be working and not yet had lunch, I greedily filled a bowl, reheated it and threw a handful of fresh coriander over it. I sat and ate the lot for at least 20 minutes while they chatted happily outside with me remaining unnoticed!!

    She took it as a compliment when I finally went outside and said hi with a big orange smile!!

  3. Hi there lovely lola! Thank you for the kind words. Yep, our tiffany is a fantastic cook, and a very,very generous lady.
    BTW,tiffers is my sister and mummyogg’s daughter. We both get our love of food from mummyogg who is a stonking good cook!
    Thanks again for coming to my blog, and for taking the time to write the lovely words, please come again, it’s wonderful to meet tiffany’s friends.

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