Has anyone seen my mother?

Mama was supposed to be heading over to Sweetrosie to check out my blog,where is she? I’ve looked everywhere.
I’m trying to convince her to start one as well. She thinks she has nothing to say.Well, I know from experience, that lady has plenty to say…
The latest lot of cupcakes were too dry. They were supposed to be chocolate mud, but weren’t anythink like I hoped. Looked nice but that’s about all.Plus the icing slid off, it was so hot here yesterday.
Thai fish curry for tea. Well, it was a Thai green curry paste out of a packet. I did use the limes from the garden as a concession to home-made.. Man, those Thais have a huge capacity for chilli. It was so,so hot.I don’t really like fish either so dinner was a bit of a blah.


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