cupcakes, cupcakes,cupcakes….

cupcakes-012.jpgcupcakes-013.jpgThe family is either going to love or get very sick of my latest food obsession – cupcakes!

There is a reason for my obsession at the moment. I have been asked if I will make about 100 cupcakes a week for a company that caters children’s parties. I work full-time, so I will have to be super organised ( not one of my strong points)

I want to play around with different recipes, different paper cases, different icings/frosting and decorations. Just so I become familiar with the whole cupcake “thing”

Goodness, they’re popular right now. The amount of reading on-line is phenomenal. And all the cupcake themed kitchen ware, cupcake bakeries, I’m lovin’ it!

Anyhoo, I have just made my second lot of 100 gorgeous cupcakes for the children’s party company.Then, if that wasn’t enough, I made another 2 dozen for home. I am using the Queen’s vanilla bean paste, the one in the little jar, in my batter. It’s a bit pricey at around the $10 mark, but very,very nice. I think they say 1 tsp = 1 vanilla bean.

The home ones were simple, vanilla bean cake with strawberry buttercream.

Last weekends cupcakes were pretty out there. I tried piping buttercream roses for the first time. OK, not brilliant, I’ll keep trying. Tasted delicious though. Moist vanilla batter and buttercream frosting. They are the ones in the photo up top.

I had watched a little video on piping buttercream roses I found on-line, maybe You-Tube. I’m thinking I  need the movie length version …

I had a plan to sugar some gorgeous rose petals this weekend. I am hoping to use them as a cupcake decoration, maybe on top of a vanilla cupcake, with a rose flavoured frosting? I have seen a gorgeous cake over at the fabulous blog site chockylit, she does amazing cakes. The one I have been thinking about  was a pistachio cupcake with rose frosting, topped with a rosebud. So, so pretty.


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